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Minimalist Web Design For Maximum Experience

“Less is more” has become some sort of mantra in minimalism design. In term of web design, it refers to the simplicity of user interface and navigation design with clean and zero cluttered elements. A minimalist web design can improve user experience, this is well understood by Web Design Malaysia agency, hence the web designers has been using this mantra to enhance business websites in Malaysia.

How can minimalist design improve user experience? Here are some ways that contribute to the user experience.

  • Clarity above all

Sometimes a web designer can go so far to reach minimalism that they eliminated too many elements, making the website looks unfinished. This is a wrong way to achieve minimalism. The point is to reach clarity. You need to know which elements are in the top priorities, make them more visually appealing, then eliminate the less important elements. Keep in mind to not remove CTA as it is one of the most helpful tool to reach conversion.

  • Good first impression

Having minimalist design brings good first impression for your visitors. If your landing page is visually cluttered, what would your customers think of your brand? So having minimalist web design is one way to power your branding as well.

  • Fast and responsive website

When you have less elements, automatically your website would load faster. It would also be easier to be responsive and mobile-friendly. Having a lot of unneeded elements would make your site heavier to load, so you must think carefully when deciding to put on images and videos.

Those are why minimalist design can elevate your user experience. Minimalist design does not only aim for the aesthetic value, but there are more values beyond it that makes minimalist design has been trending for a long time now. Same goes for Web Design Malaysia, most likely it would still apply minimalist design for the coming years.